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Hello! My name is Luz K. Molina and I am originally from Colombia.

I don't have a culinary degree and I don't like to cook, well maybe bake.

A summer in Paris opened my eyes to food. It made me look at food in a completely different way. Flavors and scents were there to tell me that there is so much in food I wanted to experience, but not to cook!

While in college during my biology studies at Universidad de Los Andes I had a keen interest in chemistry.

I ventured into taking a course about food chemistry. I liked what I learned, but I realized that I was just scraping the top of what foods are all about. I decided to focus my degree on environmental issues and water.

This was not my only academic food encounter. As my studies progressed I realized biology was intimately related to food science.

A professor encouraged us to read a book about cultural food preferences. Among other topics, it talked about milk digestion. I love milk and I am one of those who have problems digesting it.

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The book hit different points I had lived or experienced. It was easy to read and quite fascinating. Here is the link on Amazon. It is called Good to Eat: Riddles of Food and Culture by Marvin Harris.

Later I dove into the world of graphics and visualizations and realized it was a cool way of learning about foods and places.

I currently live in Florida. Getting spoiled with all the seafood available and graphing foods I like!